Sage - queen of medicinal herbs

Ancient civilizations used sage as the cure for almost all diseases. It had the status of a sacred plant and it was the symbol of fertility, good health and long life. Its power is perhaps best described by axiom originated in Salerno:

Why should die the man in whose garden grows sage.

Dalmation sage

This magical herb is not only among the most healing herbs of our planet, but is considered the queen of healing herbs.
Ancient civilization are extremely valued and respected because life is often depended on her magical powers. It was used as a remedy for almost all diseases and thus acquired the status of sacred plants. In pharaonic tombs in Egypt was one of the main ingredients of embalming.

Its Latin name Salvia tell us much about its reputation and gratitude by the people at that time feel to it because the name Salvia comes from the Latin word “salvus” which mean saved, healthy. Throughout its entire history Sage has been a symbol of fertility, good health and long life.

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